No Revenge Necessary is an original multimedia opera by composer and director Yuka C. Honda. Combining acoustic and electronic music with film and more, the opera explores the relationship between humans and technology through the story of future people struggling to survive alongside artificial intelligence in an environmentally scarred future.

The synopsis —When the environment on future earth has become toxic, world leaders rely on AI to save humanity.  AI creates a space colony and most humans elect to depart for a new life. Those who stay–in a sense to sacrifice themselves for others –are informed by AI that they are the ones who will save earth/humans The poisonous environment necessitates that these surviving humans become a unique hybrid to survive. These hybrids must also contend with two Earthlings who refuse to change their biology, thus living in isolation. The near-cataclysmic events cause humans' faculties to seriously weaken. The departure of the ship to the new human colony creates an atomic disturbance by creating small black holes everywhere which disrupts Unified Time.

Original Story by Yuka C. Honda
Directed and composed by Yuka C. Honda
Produced by Yuka C. Honda and National Sawdust.

Jaiko (hybrid, former revolutionary leader) – Jaiko Suzuki
Akio (hybrid, scientist, brother of Greg) – Akio Mokuno
Rebecca (human, dancer) – Rebecca Wright
Greg (human, musician, former revolutionary leader) – Greg Fox
Echo (AI anima, owner of BAKU) – Satomi Matsuzaki
Prism (AI anima, whisperer) – Kahimi Karie
Chai Neeloo (AI anima who helps humans with Echo) – Niki
Uture – YoshimiO
Baku (eats dreams) – Buttercup

MD, electronics – Yuka C. Honda
Guitar – Nels Cline
Drums – Greg Fox

Artistic Team:
Film Director – Yuka C. Honda
Director of Photography – Satoshi Tsuchiyama, Joseph Patrick Conroy
Film Editing – Yuka C. Honda
Face Painting – Michael Arthur
Additional Video – Akio Mokuno
Max Programming – Akio Mokuno
Lighting and Live Film Editing – Christian LeMay
Live Audio Engineering – Sharif Mekaway
Akio Make-up – Mami Nagase
Satomi Wardrobe – Harold & Maude
Stage Hand – Masahiro Murao

Thank you National Sawdust for trusting me with this project. What a team!

The second performance of work-in-progress of this piece occurred at National Sawdust on March 22nd, as a part of Pulitzer prize winning Du Yun’s Pan Asia Sounding Festival.